Rewards Program

What Is Not To Smile About

Earn MyToothCase Reward Points by simply wearing your retainer at nighttime.

MyToothCase Reward Points are based upon your nightly usage percentage for the month. The more you wear them, the more MyToothCase Reward Points you earn!

MyToothCase Reward Points can be redeemed for product discounts in our mobile app store.

let us be your nighttime for a lifetime!

MyToothCase Customers Receive Discounts

We want to add as much value to our customers. Below are products with companies we have partnered with that support our mission to help you remain compliant with your post-orthodontic treatment. Discounts will be provided, and our valued customers are able to use the discount codes provided in the mobile application to receive discounts when purchasing. See below for the products and companies we have partnered with!

Steraligner 16 Oz. Cleaning Solution - 10% Off!

Steraligner - The Original

Endorsed by Invisalign, Steraligner cleans in just 3 minutes, which is about how long it should take you to brush and floss your teeth. That means using Steraligner doesn't require change to your daily routine.

Our Steraligner sanitizing formula provides you with comprehensive appliance care quickly and easily.

More Than Just A Surface Cleaner

Our proprietary blend of cleansing agents fight & neutralize odors by penetrating the appliance to remove any build-up in the microscopic dimples without damaging the integrity of the appliance.

Removes 99% Of Bacteria

Typical aligner cleaning products remove 99% of odor causing bacteria. Steraligner removes 17 of the most common bacteria, yeast, and mold that build up on and in removable oral appliances. Yes, smell and taste are important, but removing bacteria, yeast, and mold ultimately helps to ensure fully sanitized appliances and healthier patients.

10% Discount code provided with the purchase of Smart Retainer Case

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Sterasmile On-The-Go Aligner Foam - 10% Off!

Sterasmile - The New Kid On The Bloock

The 60-second solutions to cleaning your aligners anytime, anywhere

Sterasmile removes 99.9%* of harmful oral germs and bacteria from your aligners within one minute 
of application. Simply remove aligner(s), pump a sufficient amount to lather inside of aligners with foam, and replace aligners in your mouth. It’s that easy!

• Proprietary essential oil formulation combats bacterial growth within trays

• Naturally whitens teeth and aligners

• Refreshing plant-based mint flavor freshens breath

• No Harmful Irritating Oxidizers

• No Peroxide

• No Parabens

• No Alcohol

10% Discount code provided with the purchase of Smart Retainer Case

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