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Less Headache - More Smiling Patients

Our Smart Retainer Case keeps YOUR patient engaged with their nightly retainer usage. Meaning less frustrating patients contacting your office about teeth shifting after paying for their treatment.

Easy workflow for your patients to order a replacement retainer at a fair price without having the patient contact your office or your office staff submitting orders to a retainer lab.

Do not worry, we compensate your office for each retainer YOUR patient orders through our trusted third-party retainer manufacturer

Work Flow

let us be your nighttime for a lifetime!

Monthly Compliance Report

Doctors can elect to receive their patient compliance reports. These reports can be used to provide better research for practitioners on how quickly teeth actually shift. The office may also be able to integrate a prevention system to contact their patients when below a certain percentage of compliance. A patient outreach can be a great way to build trust between your office and patients!

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