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$200 Million In Orthodontic Treatment Annually is Lost Due to Patient Relapses

Teeth can shift in as little as 2-3 days without the nightly usage of your retainer. The MyToothCase Smart Retainer Case provides you real-time reminders and data to ensure you remain compliant. Cleaning solutions are important to make sure your retainers are sanitized and do not grow bacteria that leads to bad-smelling retainers.

Rethinking the post orthodontic treatment

  • Nightly Retainer Usage

    The MyToothCase Smart Retainer Case provides mobile notifications ONLY when the patient forgets. This creates long-term habits of nightly retainer compliance

  • Provider and Parental Compliance Reports

    MyToothCase provides monthly compliance reports. Parents and providers can ensure the patient remains compliant and avoids relapsing on their treatment

  • Product Rewards Program

    We make wearing the retainer a fun and engaging experience. Consumers get reward points for compliance and can obtain discounts on other products!